We Buy Diamond Rings

We Buy
Diamond Rings

We buy diamond rings 1 Carat & above in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top prices paid for your diamond rings.

We Buy Engagement Rings

We Buy
Engagement Rings

We buy diamond and engagement rings this is one of our specialties. Top prices paid for your diamonds.

We Buy Diamonds

We Buy
Certified Diamonds

We buy diamond and gold jewellery in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top prices paid for your jewellery.

We Buy Diamond Jewellery

We Buy
Diamond Jewellery

We buy diamond jewellery old & new in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top prices paid for diamond jewellery.


Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds, Sydney Certified Diamond and Diamond Jewellery Buyers was established to deliver a safe and reliable way to Sell Diamonds, Gold or Diamond Jewellery for Instant Cash payments serving our numerous existing and future potential clients. We decided to create a Diamond, Diamond Ring & Diamond Jewellery Selling process that ensures our customers with the best prices possible whilst at the same time offering a fully transparent, safe, simple yet reliable process they are sure to confide in.


Sell Diamond Engagement Ring

Sell Diamond Rings.

Sell Diamonds, Diamond Jewellery, Antique Jewellery or Diamond and Engagement Rings for instant CASH. Our process is simple, meaning We pay you INSTANT CASH for your unwanted Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Estate Jewellery items.
Once we see your unwanted items, we test the Diamonds, Gold and Gold Jewellery. We weight and value your Gold, Platinum or other precious metal items based on the current market prices and we pay you on the spot for your gold at an agreed price when you sell gold or sell diamonds.


Sell Gold Jewellery

Sell Diamond Jewellery.

You may not have to worry or stress about financial problems if you have a few or several certified diamonds on hand as there are many sources that you can sell your diamonds like us at Sell Diamonds.
Certainly you may not be able to sell them at the maximum ‘retail value’ but at least they are potential stock that can be traded for fast and immediate cash. This is the same with scrap gold, broken or old gold jewellery.

The first thing to learn when selling gold or selling diamonds is to learn about ‘current’ market values regarding Gold, Platinum and Silver and also the Rapaport for Diamonds which are the guides most buyers will work off. You may start simply just by knowing the four Cs of your diamonds – color, clarity, cut and carat. The ‘Cut’ is basically the shape of the diamond and if it is properly cut. The ‘Clarity’ simply means the level of transparency. Jewellery with imperfections like small, even minute streaks or bubbles will have lower value. White colored diamonds are more valuable than off-white. And in terms of the ‘Carat’, it is basically the weight of the diamond. Generally heavier will worth more if the Diamond has no flaws or imperfections. However it does mean that small diamonds have much lower value.

Just by having the right information on hand can help you to get an approximate value of your diamonds or diamond Jewellery. You can do a survey online by comparing the prices of diamonds with the similar characteristics of your diamond to get estimation. This may be done over the phone, online or in your retail district. Another method will be getting help from an appraisal expert. These appraisers can give an almost accurate value of your diamonds thus giving you better understanding and estimate on how much to offer. There is also another way to put your jewellery to sale. You also might surf free posting websites like gumtree and post an advertisement onto the website to sell. You should provide all the details about your diamonds and insert up pictures of them. It is really important to be honest and post accurate information. Just from providing more information will give you better chances of receiving positive feedback.

Selling Gold Jewellery, Diamonds or Diamond Jewellery for profit or cash to take care of everyday debts and household expenses is very easy and a very fast process if done right. Due to the value aspect of gold and diamonds, Top good quality gold and diamonds are in high demand and sellers can definitely negotiate a good selling price with a potential diamond buyer. Perhaps diamonds were not a popular jewellery item for a short time but now, they have become a very precious center piece of jewellery collection.

Finding an appraisal value is very easy. You may either source this information online or directly contacting the relevant associations to find the exact value of your diamond before selling diamonds.

Red Book publishers give Rapaport value of a Diamond on a regular basis and this is very helpful information when it comes to selling your Diamond.

Top prices paid when you Sell Diamonds and Sell Gold Jewellery
If you live in Sydney? or just here on a holiday. Please pay a visit to Sell Diamonds or call us on 9299 8070 to be paid the highest possible prices for when you sell diamond rings or sell diamond jewellery.