We buy all kinds of Diamonds!

At Sell Diamonds, we buy Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Certified Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery. We believe that all Diamond Jewellery is of value and will buy any items with Diamonds.

Get in contact with a friendly member of our team today and you will be selling your Diamonds for the highest price in cash instantly!

Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds is Sydney’s leading Diamond Buyer! We buy Diamond Rings and Diamond Jewellery and ensure you the highest price in cash.

Our qualified team of Diamond Specialists always put our customers first and work closely with you from start to finish. We are a small, family-owned business who works directly with our clients to alleviate any hidden costs or processes that our competitors often charge!

With decades in the industry, we are the trusted name in Diamond Buyers in Sydney. Our close team prides themselves on offering the most friendly, comfortable, stress-free and convenient service for our clients. We treat every customer like family, and are always one phone call or office visit away!

We understand that questions or queries can arise when selling Diamond Jewellery. We take the time to go over all of your concerns and make sure that you are completely comfortable with the process. We take the stress out of it for you!

Our Diamond Valuers will meet with you, go over any questions you may have and offer you a free, no obligation appraisal on the spot. Once your Diamonds have been valued, you can leave with the highest price in cash, guaranteed.

Sell Diamonds is based in Sydney’s CBD, in an easy-to-reach location. We are a short train ride from Sydney’s Central Station, on the main bus lines, and our street offers parking if you would prefer to drive to us.

Sell Diamonds
Sell Diamond Engagement Ring

Sell Diamond Rings.

At Sell Diamonds, we make selling Diamond Rings simple! We offer the most trusted and convenient service to ensure you receive the highest price in cash for your Diamonds.

Our Diamond Buyers purchase all types of Diamond Rings including:

  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Antique Diamond Rings
  • Gold Diamond Rings
  • Platinum Diamond Rings
  • Silver Diamond Rings
  • Rose Gold Diamond Rings
  • Estate Jewellery Diamond Rings

The condition of your precious metals is not a major factor when you sell to us, as we melt down these metals once we buy them from you – this means we accept scrap jewellery with Diamonds in it too!

We pride ourselves on our reliable, convenient and confidential service.

At Sell Diamonds, we treat every customer with respect and understand there are many reasons for selling Diamond Rings. You can be sure to receive confidential service from our family-run team.

We offer all of our customers free, no obligation appraisals on Diamond Rings. Once visiting our team of Diamond Specialists in our Sydney CBD office, we will value your Diamonds as well as their setting and give you the highest price in cash for your Gold, Platinum, Silver or Rose Gold.

Once your Diamonds and Precious Metal have been valued, your Diamond Consultant will explain the value of your ring, based on current market value and answer any questions that you may have regarding this.

We guarantee to pay you the highest price in cash for your Diamond Rings! We pride ourselves on our excellent service, and our decades of experience and growing customer base will agree. Sell Diamonds are the most experienced and convenient Diamond Buyers in Sydney.

Let our team carry out a hassle-free valuation and offer you the highest price in cash on the spot for your unwanted Diamond rings!


Sell Diamond Jewellery.

At Sell Diamonds, we buy all types of Diamond Jewellery. Our family-run team of Diamond Specialists will pay you the highest price in cash for:

  • Unwanted Diamond Jewellery
  • Estate Jewellery
  • Broken & Scrap Jewellery
  • Antique Jewellery

Selling your Diamond Jewellery with us is simple, straightforward and stress-free. We take all of the hassle out of selling your jewellery so that you can have peace of mind and worry about the more important things!

Our Sydney CBD office works closely with you to remove any unwanted wait times or middle-men often involved in selling Diamond Jewellery.

Selling your unwanted Diamond Jewellery with us is simple, carried out in just a few steps:

  1. Get in contact with us and make an appointment with our Diamond Valuers at our Sydney CBD office.
  2. Visit us at our CBD location. Our street has ticketed parking, or you can reach us by train or bus. We are just a few stops from Sydney’s Central Station.
  3. One of our specialised Diamond Valuers will offer you a free appraisal, valuing your Diamond Jewellery on the spot.
  4. Our Diamond Valuer will explain the value of your jewellery, based on the current market value and assist you with any queries you may have.
  5. Once you are comfortable with the process and happy with the price we will pay you the highest price in cash on the spot!
  6. Sell Diamonds has over a decade experience in the jewellery industry and will provide any after sales support as you require it.


Sell Gold Jewellery
Top prices paid when you Sell Diamonds and Sell Gold Jewellery
If you live in Sydney? or just here on a holiday. Please pay a visit to Sell Diamonds or call us on 9299 8070 to be paid the highest possible prices for when you sell diamond rings or sell diamond jewellery.